November 9, 2007

Me and Mr. Darcy

I met a girl once who had made a shirt that said, "I am Elizabeth Bennet; where is my Mr. Darcy?" I loved that shirt and felt that way myself, I must admit.

I love Pride and Prejudice. I love most of Jane Austin's work. And I especially love Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy. Of course I love him most when it's Colin Firth playing him in the BBC production.

So I was pretty excited to read a book called Me and Mr. Darcy. But I should have just listened to my friend Margaret. It was disappointing. Part of the problem, I'm sure, is that I'm not a "modern" girl who's okay with having sex with someone you've only known for a week or two. And I think it's quite alright to have a woman at home with the kids and I support men who want that in a wife. And honestly, if the main character were a real person I don't think we'd be friends. And finally, the similarities between what happens in the lives of people in the book and in P&P is way too obvious and therefore you know exactly how the story is going to end. Really, Me and Mr. Darcy is just a poor, modern retelling of a fantastic story.

In the end she makes statements about how Mr. Darcy isn't really that great of a guy, but again, those are mostly based on her modern feminist ways. Which I don't agree with. I mean - it's Mr. Darcy!

He's kind, generous, noble, does what's right, apologizes and very, very handsome.

And then there's Pemberly and all his money.

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