November 13, 2007

The baby in my belly

I look wonderful today. Like a smokin' hot pregnant lady. If those two things can go together.
One of our student workers was last minute shopping for a dress and bought a $1 dress at Wal Mart without trying it on. When she got home she put it on and noticed #1 - all the extra material on the belly #2 - that it's a maternity dress. So she gave it to me.
And I look thin and pregnant in it - a great combonation. :)

Anyways - this is to let you all know that my baby is about 5" long. She's moving about and soon I'll be able to feel her, as I'm in my 17th week. His little heart is pumping, he's taking practice breaths, sucking his thumb and getting bigger all the time.
It is absolutely amazing being pregnant and having a living person inside of me. Every day it become more awesome (and perhaps more real) and every day I am blessed by becoming more pro-life. Motherhood is such an honor and I am so thankful that God has called me to this.

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