December 3, 2007

My 2 Cents on the Holiday Season

I love this time of the year:
- giving and getting gifts from people I love
- baking cookies
- parties and festivities
- Christmas carols
- decorations
- snow

My one complaint is that the whole Christmas thing starts way too soon. 91.5 WCIC, why do you have to start playing Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving? And why will you come to an almost full stop on December 26th?
I also wish that we would recognize that Jessica Simpson does not sing "Breath of Heaven" as well as Amy Grant and we should not play her version of it. And no one will ever sing "White Christmas" like Bing Crosby so why do we have to listen to others' renditions? (Except, of course, for the Drifters' rendition - ya know the one used in Home Alone. That one is different and a delight.)

Thank you.

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