December 11, 2007

My love / hate relationship with football

The reasons I hate football:

- it fills hours of Travis' time, thus taking him away from me.

The reasons I love football:

- I don't

The reasons I sorta like football, sometimes:

- it makes my husband happy

- it gives my husband something to do to relax

- it's excellent nap time for me on a Sunday afternoon

- it allows for intelligent, educating conversations such as the one that follows:

"If I were a football player, what position would I be?"
"You'd be a linebacker. You've got a bigger, stronger build, speed and you could take someone down if you needed to."
"What about Mia?"
"She'd be a safety because she's small and fast."
"Same with Kim?"
"Same with Kim."
"What about Kate and Ellie?"
"Kate would be a linebacker with you. But Ellie's got more speed so she'd be a running back maybe. No, Michelle would be the running back. She's tall, athletic, fast... Ellie would be a tight end."

Travis with my fellow linebacker and the tight end.

Me with the safeties.

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