January 18, 2008

26 weeks and 2 days

Per the request of several friends, here are some new pictures of my prego belly. Please excuse the pajamas. (But do check out our new fridge and cabinets - which still lack counter tops.)
Absolutely lovely.

I have gained about 30lbs now, and I still have 3 months to go. This makes me a little nervous, but not nervous enough to stop eating the Sweet Tarts on my desk.

I have also begun to have heartburn, leg cramps at night, shortness of breath (especially when I walk up stairs with the same amount of gusto I had pre-pregnancy) and things can be awful uncomfortable. I feel the best sitting at the edge of a chair with my back up straight, or what would otherwise be called "good posture." Sometimes it just feels like the kid is shoving something right up the middle of me, well into my chest. But I'm not complaining - I'm loving this part of pregnancy.

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