January 8, 2008

A very delayed recap of Christmas

My two weeks of Christmas break were pretty much crappy. We moved from the second floor apartment to the first floor of our house. We worked pretty much every day of the two weeks and were lucky enough to have help. (Many thanks to Katie B, Mom, Dad, Karl, Bart, Meg, Deb and Jeff.)

It was actually rather stressful and I cried... a lot. Especially on our anniversary when we stayed home to work and finally made a toast with our goblets and ate our wedding cake around 11pm during a break.
But besides all that, I did have some fun. And here are pictures to prove it:
Mom and dad got us all a basketball game like the one we played with when we were younger. We then had a tournament. Karl won.
My mom always does a beautiful job of decorating for Christmas.
These are the peanut chews I made basically because I love them.

Karl playing Christmas carols. I love when he plays the guitar.

The Bears onesie I got Travis.

Karl and his lovely assistant (our cousin, Laura) doing a magic trick.

Grandma and Grandpa F learning how to bowl with the Wii.

A great action shot of Grandma. :)

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