January 17, 2008

Our first baby

This is the week that my due date for our first baby fell in. On the actual date itself I went out of town to visit friends and be with people I could cry in front of and also attend Mass celebrated by a friend and offered for Peter.
The day was spent visiting and catching up with wonderful Catholic friends. And I had an excellent chai tea.

The best gift, though, was that the first reading at Mass was from the beginning of 1 Samuel - the story of Hannah's grief over not having a baby. I have been attracted to her since early in college and it brought me great comfort to mourn with her a little.

But it is still tough, and though I am almost 7 months pregnant with our second child, I would still appreciate your prayers as I continue to grieve. Pray for Trav, too. It's different for him, but still a loss.

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