January 28, 2008


We now have a bedroom! It's fantastic. I will take and post pictures soon.
Saturday while I was a work Travis painted, put down the temporary carpet, hung the door and moved all our furniture into the room. It's absolutely wonderful!

Also on Saturday I had a check-up with our midwife, Bernice. She moved my due date back to April 30th, which means that I am not yet 27 weeks pregnant.

Good news:
- my protein levels were good
- my blood pressure was good
- my glucose levels were good

Bad news:
- I'm not supposed to eat sweets or white flour products because I'm getting too fat. Those weren't her words, but they're true.

In my defense I am a much better eater when I have a stove to make my own dinner instead of eating out or from the microwave so much. And this weekend we will be getting stove so things should be improving.

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