February 7, 2008

Reasons why I'm doing a home birth

1 - I don't want my baby taken away from me after I deliver. I want to hold, love and adore the little guy. At home, my child will be warmed by the warmth of my chest and cleaned and assessed in my arms.

2 - When I was born the doctor showed Mom me and then took me away. Later, when they brought her baby back it wasn't actually her baby. They had messed up and switched me and another newborn girl. Luckily, Mom knew what I looked like and said, "That's not my baby." Eventually they figured things out and brought me to my mom. This will not be a fear at my house, as I am the only pregnant lady living there.

3 - Travis will be the one to catch our child and then pass her or him to me.

4 - In fact, Travis' role throughout the entire labor will be very involved - much more than a bit of encouragment and cutting the cord. This is something I want as does he. Instead of relying on drugs, I will rely on my husband.

5 - I will be in the comfort of my own home. Maybe I'll watch movies while I labor, maybe I'll listen to music, maybe I'll eat Edy's fruit pops, maybe I'll shower but I will feel more relaxed not being around machines and strange people.

6 - A home is where life happens and, I think, where it should begin.

7 - A hospital is where people go when they are sick, dying, injured - in need of medical attention. Birth does not need medical attention as long as the mother is healthy (and I am), the baby is healthy (and he is) and the birth is normal (which it should be). If any of these factors change I will birth in a hospital.

8 - At five months I had not yet met the woman who was supposed to deliver my child. I prefer having a trusting relationship with people who root around that part of my body.

9 - At five months the doctor I had seen the most was the same one who told me to "chin up" and "think positive" when my first baby died in utero. This man and I do not have similar attitudes about life, babies and motherhood. Furthermore, I felt he disreguarded completely my feelings and my child. I do not want him to ever deliver any of my children.

10 - My midwife and her assistant will help me begin breastfeeding almost immediately. They will not leave until they are completely confident that I am fine, the baby is fine and breastfeeding is successful. The minimum time they stay after delivery is 3 hours.

11 - I will be monitored the entire time by the same two women. No shift changes for nurses.

12 - I will never be offered drugs. I will never have to fight that battle. (Many women who have made it clear they don't want drugs before the birth begins are then repeatedly offered and even pressured into having epidurals.)

13 - My midwife has a clear love of babies and a joyful attitude about birth. She is compassionate, intelligent, a good listener, gentle and kind. I trust her.

14 - I belive that birth is natural and that my body will know what to do. I believe that while labor might be very painful I can cope with this pain, offer it up and work through it.

15 - When I picture myself birthing it is not lying on a bed with my legs spread open but squatting, holding on to my husband who is physically and emotionally supporting me. My body will be open 30% more in this position than lying down, thus making birth easier. (This position is not preferred and sometimes not allowed in hospitals.)

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  1. Don't forget this one: You won't be forced to wear a hospital gown and expose your arse the whole time you're in labor. At home, you can wear as much ---or little--- as you want! (Until the magical moment. For that you will need a bare arse.)

    Good list. All valid reasons, in my opinion, though I suppose I'm a little biased.