February 26, 2008

The pain

Last night I woke up screaming bloody murder. Travis awoke and instantly worried that something was horribly wrong with the baby.

The baby is fine.

The reason for my crying out in agony: a charlie horse.

But not just any charlie horse, mind you, this one was the mother of all charlie horses. Travis kept telling me to point my toes towards my body. I kept yelling in pain, saying I couldn't (which was mostly true - the muscles were super tight). Finally he got up, walked around the bed, held my foot with one hand - pushing the toes towards my body - and massaged my calf with the other. I finally shut up and we both went back to sleep but still, almost 24 hours later, my leg still hurts.

Since I think it's pregnancy related I'm chalking it up to taking one for the team. :)

1 comment:

  1. oh yes...I remember those! wait til the last few weeks when you have those AND restless leg syndrome! Nearly impossible to sleep!!