March 15, 2008

Another reason why I'm doing a home birth

There are many polite people in the world who ask what hospital I'm going to for the delivery and when they hear I'm doing a home birth they say, "Oh," avert their eyes and change the subject. Clearly, they are not comfortable or supportive (at least at first) of my decision to labor and birth at home.

However, below is a perfect example of why I don't want to go to a hospital. Many thanks to Rixa at The True Face of Birth for allowing me to copy and link. The following is the story of the birth of Rixa's new nephew.

She did almost the whole labor at home and got to the hospital an hour before the baby was born. She was laboring on her hands & knees, as comfortably as you can when a baby is on the way, but when she was ready to push the nurse asked her to flip over onto her back. She didn't want to, and her husband spoke up several times for her as well. The doctor (one she had never met, since she was with a large OB group that rotated call) came into the room and insisted--I kid you not--that she flip over "because it's easier for me." She really didn't want to but she was in no place to argue since she was now in Get-The-Baby-Out-Mode...So she flipped over and then started the most excruciatingly painful experience of her entire life.
Read the rest here.


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  2. Hello. This post is likeable.

    Also, congratulations on your interesting blog!

    Sorry, I just think blog spam is so hilarious sometimes. :-)

    I read that story on Rixa's blog too. I don't mean to diminish the woman's pain at all --- it's an awful story. But it is sort of funny that the doctor just came out and said, "Because it's easier for me." Hell, at least he's honest! And incredibly selfish and arrogant.

    Glad you are feeling good about your decision. Can't wait to witness your day of strength, power, beauty, motherhood.