April 14, 2008

The House

This is the order for things to be accomplished:

- finish tiling the bathroom (1/2 done)*
- finish mudding the living room (1/4 done)*
- finish the bedroom closet (hanging drywall, mudding, installing light)*
- finish mudding the bathroom
- install lights in bathroom*
- finish mudding the dining room and kitchen
- sand everything
- paint living room, dining room, bathroom and remaining wall in kitchen
- finish everything in laundry room (drywall, mudding, flooring)
- fix the kitchen window

This * means that I want it done before the baby comes. I'd like to organize and put away things for the baby. But first we need to make room in the bedroom for that to happen. And to make room in the bedroom we need our closet to be finished so clothes and hamper can be moved in there. I'd also like to unpack all the books that are currently stashed downstairs, upstairs and in our room, but the bookshelf will go in the living room and we need the mudding to be done so the carpet can be laid before the books come out.

And really, having the bathroom done is just because I will probably be laboring in there a lot and I'd like it to be nice.

Go, Travis, Go! You can do it!


  1. I'm a freak for 'to-do' lists. I have a list of 'to-do' list that need made. At least you've got all the tasks orginized for Travis. What a helpful wifey you are!

  2. Wonderful list...you have the "nesting" thing going...I had Bryon redo our bathroom a month before Avery was here!

    Take care!

  3. I know when I come over for the birth the house will look amazing. Getting stuff done before the baby comes will be well worth it. Shouldn't be holding a hammer and nail when you're sleep deprived, probably.