June 10, 2008

Baby Fat

As other things in life are getting better, one thing that's really bothering me is the baby fat I'm still carrying around with me. I've lost 30lbs since giving birth, but I have another 20 I'd like to lose to get back to where I should be.

I thought I was looking pretty good until I saw pictures from L's Baptism. Ouch.

We have a wedding this weekend. I was hoping to look smashing, instead I'm afraid I'll look a bit chubby.

While I was pregnant a friend gave me a "Fat Card" - the permission to gain weight. And I think that women can still have that Fat Card for the 6 weeks after birth (which I'm still in) but then the weight needs to be gone. And really, I wish it was gone already. No more full face, big thighs, back fat and round, round belly. Give me back the body I used to have!


  1. I'd like to say that my full face is from me smiling at Avery so much; you know, I built up my facial muscles. :)

    It didn't take me too long to work off my "baby fat," I just did a ton of ab work. :)

  2. You'll get there, just give yourself a little time (six weeks seems stingy*). Get out there with the stroller and work it, girl.

    *Says the lady who still carries her 'baby weight' almost 2 years later. can it even be called baby weight anymore, or is it just plain fat now?