June 19, 2008

Will you be our friends?

Tonight we had a couple and their 14 month old baby over for dinner. We know them from the college and the parish; he's an assistant coach at EC and they attend St. Luke's with their 14 month old daughter.

I always loved working with him - he's really funny and super easy to talk to - and every time I chatted with his wife she seemed wonderful.

They liked the enchiladas I made. Their daughter kept giving me the evil eye, though she liked Travis and loved L. They were pretty interested in the home birth. So I hope they liked us and enjoyed their evening here. (oh please, oh please, oh please!) Travis and I really liked them and had a really good time. We're hoping to get together with them again. She's a stay at home mom and it will be great to have more friends in the area.

Suddenly I feel like a little kid again, knocking on the new neighbor's door and asking if their daughter can come out and play. It's a vulnerable place to be.


  1. I totally know how you feel! as a brand new sahm, you think that your children will fulfill all your own emotional needs as much as you fulfill all of theirs (emotional and physical). but, then you realize that you need some adult interaction to stay sane and not horribly bored out of your mind . and, thats okay. :) but, realizing that through actually finding those new friends is a tough ride. thats why im excited youre somewhat close to us, because im inviting you to a whole bunch of catholic sahm stuff once i finally get out of my 'im too scared to go out anywhere with 2 children' stage (which i'm hoping is next week). :-D

  2. if you ever feel like venturing into peoria, you can come hang out with mandy & me! sometimes we do stuff, but mostly we hang out and let the kids run/crawl/bounce all over the living room. every once in awhile they entertain themselves for long enough that we can squeeze in half of an adult conversation!

    You're welcome to come hang out with us before/after the API meeting tomorrow, too! I'll be up by 6 or 7, give me a call if you want!

  3. I know Bonnie. I don't even know how to make friends as an adult. So I asked my mom and she said, "You don't." Thanks, Ma. Very helpful. :) But what she was meaning was that it's really hard and that she didn't make friends again until her kids were older and she'd could socialize with our friends parents--enter you mom. :)
    Anyway, so there is hope that at least you met people that you like and they have a kid. You are closer to a new friend than me. :)