July 15, 2008

Acne Treatment

I am currently on Day 5 of my new acne treatment wherein I basically don't wash my face.
Well, I do, but I only use water unless it's at the end of a day when I wore make-up. Then I use a little bit of face wash and a lot of water.
This was inspired by my husband and our friend who use nothing but water ("and shampoo if it ever gets on my face") and have no zits.

The crazy part is that my complexion is actually clearing up. But we'll see how it looks after a couple of weeks.


  1. I might try that. I started to go to a dermatologist and he said to use whatever I wanted on my face/back because you have to fight it on the inside...whatever, dude. I've struggled with acne for 15 years, and I'm desparate for anything that will work.

  2. I keep meaning to ask what makeup you use? Here's my mini infomercial: Erika Haedicke introduced me to Bare Minerals years ago and I love it but it was SO expensive. Just recently a couple friends told me about Everyday Minerals. I was always skeptical about "generic" versions of Bare Minerals but I tried it and I'm hooked!

    If you go to the website and click on Makeup then Custom Kits and scroll down you can select a "free" sample kit (only $4 for shipping I think). You can choose your colors and matte levels and it has lasted me for many months (since I don't wear makeup every day). Let me know if you try it!