July 8, 2008

Baby Fat

Now that L is 2 months old I can officially go on a diet. While looking up dieting and caloric intake for breastfeeding moms I was led to a BMI calculator, which is something I never should have done. The results were upsetting and depressing.

So the plan is the S Diet that I read about on another blog.
No Snacks, Seconds or Sweets
except on Saturday and Sunday
and Special occasions (national or religious holidays, birthdays, weddings)

Along with that, Travis and I have been going to 7 am Mass and then working out at the college for 40-60 minutes.

Since I'm breastfeeding I shouldn't lose more than 1-1.5 lbs a week or it could mess up my milk supply. Which means that it will take me six months to get back to the weight I want to be at.



  1. ive def lost more then 1lb/week when i lost my weight after lucy (while nursing her full time), and it never did anything to my milk. so, i think it depends on the person. but, if youre really looking for something to try, i highly recommend weight watchers. i used it to lose weight before my wedding, after lucy, and now again after bridget.

  2. Wow..I've never heard of the S diet..it sounds pretty interesting! Good Luck with the diet and workout plan! And don't go crazy with trying to lose weight as quick as possible. Everytime I try that, it backfires and I end up not losing any or even gaining some weight. Patience is something that is critical for me in keeping on a food plan, but it is something very hard for me to grasp. Just know that you are gorgeous no matter what!

  3. Oh yea...about the BMI calculator..I know way too much about that sucker, and it is not something that should make you get upset. The BMI calculation is just a reference point and it doesn't really take into account muscle mass, activity level, age, metabolism, body fat vs. lean mass percentage, etc. According to BMI, I am very overweight, and Nick is borderline obese! So don't let that get you down, just go by how you feel. Your ideal weight is the weight that makes you feel the most energized, healthy, and psychologically balanced.

  4. Those BMIs can be tricky. I would always register as "overweight," when I was healthy and muscular :) I agree with Veronica, WW is great.

    I've heard of the S Diet. It sounds like a good idea, but while you're breastfeeding, I think it would be difficult not to snack. The best advice I got was to eat when hungry, drink when thirsty and snack healthy. When I avoided snacking, my weight wouldn't budge. I lost the most weight when I ate when hungry. But everyone's experience is different. I'd like to hear how the S Diet goes!

  5. I agree with everyone here, that BMI chart is just there to make you depressed and it does the job! And also I think it's best TO snack while you're breastfeeding to keep your energy level up. Plus it's kind of hard to get 3 square meals in a day while you're nursing 24/7. But of course to snack healthy, always have water, fruits, nuts, etc on hand and ready to eat. Plus I would go crazy not being able to have a goody at all during the week, I would probably gorge myself on the weekends! :) Let us know how it works out for you.

    My Mom was very successful on WW, but unfortunately it's not cheap.

    And remember, you'll be losing more weight than if you were formula feeding so high five on that! ;)

  6. Yeah, I know WW can be great but when you're living paycheck to paycheck there isn't room for stuff like that.

    Instead of snacking all the time, what I'm doing with the S Diet is eating more meals. They're smaller (or not) but they definately make me think about what I'm putting into my mouth since I know I need to be satisfied enough to get me to the next meal without feeling FULL.

    The whole just breastfeeding thing is not the golden weightloss ticket I hoped it would be.

    But it's great to hear that the BMI isn't the greatest thing ever.

  7. WW online can be like, $10/month if you only go online. It's the meetings and weigh-ins that cost the most. Or...you can just steal a friend's points books and do it yourself. :)

  8. The low GI diet is very close to what WW does and you can get a decent book on it from any bookstore. It's a healthy way to eat that focuses on how different foods affect our blood sugar. I look at it this way - it took you probably at least 9 months to put the weight on so if you can get it off in six months - that's pretty awesome!