July 6, 2008


Last night L was in the crib again. I got up 3 times to check on her and every time she had managed to kick her blanket off. The third time I actually woke up from her fussing on the monitor. When I went to get her she was so cold and I was so tired that I brought her to bed to nurse her there. But as soon as she hit the mattress, all tucked in with me, she fell right back to sleep. We slept cuddled together for the next few hours.

I love sleeping with her. There is something so precious and lovely about snuggling together. I can smell her sweet breath and skin. Her little fingers may stroke my face or arm. She burrows her head into my side. And while she's there I can't help but think that she won't be this small for long and I must drink deeply of these moments.


  1. we never set out to co-sleep with lucy, but just being a nursing mommy, she ended up in our bed almost every night after those early 4am feedings. and, the best part for us wasn't actually sleeping with her (in fact, i never liked it, because daddy and baby always get the most space, while mommy is curled up on the side :)), it was waking up in the morning and seeing her and having her be so happy to be with us. i miss lucy waking up next to us so much and cant wait until bridget is at that stage! :)

  2. Hi Bonnie. It's been a long time unh? Anyway, I read your blog and when I went shopping with Jade I saw these at the store. Don't know if you're interested or not but just passing it along. Take care!