August 27, 2008

Feeding infants

First I want to thank everyone for their comments of support when it comes to exclusively breastfeeding L. It's nice to know that someone besides Travis supports my decision to delay the introduction of table foods.

I've been thinking about the situation and I wonder if part of the reason they are a little more likely to feed infants is because they formula fed. Or do formula feeding moms have the same difficulties? Usually I have found that my peers are on board with waiting to introduce table foods, which is why I was so surprised that it was Trav's cousin who was going to give L the frosting. But she did formula feed her babies. Any thoughts on this?

Also, I totally agree with you, Maiasaura. I wouldn't have fed my baby salty, buttery potatoes, even if she was one. My dream is that my kids will crave fruit instead of sweets and that they'll eat their vegetables without loading them with butter. I mean, have you looked at obese America lately? I can't help but think that giving our 3 month olds cake is a part of the problem.

All of this isn't to say that L won't eat cake and cookies. But I am going to wait until she's closer to one year old before I let her try it and that will only be after she has eaten bananas, beans, berries, carrots and other good foods that aren't likely to develop into a food allergy.

Right? Can I get an "Amen!"?


  1. Bonnie,

    I formula-fed Avery. I don't think it's because of the breast vs. bottle, I think part of it is the family just wanting to see the baby's reaction to something different. I asked my pediatrician about this problem, and he said a lot of people do start their child early due to lack of information. He also said NOT to take Avery off formula until after her 12-month wellness check. There's been an upsurge on anemic children due to the lack of iron and other nutrients. So, I didn't. I started Avery with little bits of cereal mixed with formula (NOT water) at about 6 1/2 months. We took it extremely slow, and she didn't come off 2nd foods until 13 months. I must be lucky; Avery will take oranges and apples over warm chocolate-chip cookies, and she LOVES green beans and peas! And carrots! And she even goes to daycare, which is a different debate in itself. Just stand your ground... and keep all eyes on Lydia at the dinner table. :)

  2. i think it's just unhealthy eaters, plus the fact that our parents generation were told they could feed babies sooner, and give them water, cow's milk, etc. i have to formula feed, and we didn't really start solids until 6 months - and even now, she only has one solid- food meal a day. in a couple months when she is a year old, we will start verrrrrryyyyy slowly weaning her off formula, and on to more HEALTHY table food. This will be easier, of course...if the child ever gets teeth, lol.

  3. I agree with Anna, it's like Rachel said, (some of) our parents were in a race to see who could get their kid on solids first, sometimes as early as just a couple weeks! They just didn't know any better then. And yeah, they also think it's cute to see their reactions to "fun" foods, although not cute for us!!

  4. Bonnie,
    Just some more knwledge that you can pass to people (as if you don't already know this), but Landon's doctor told us that we all get our fat cells as babies and fat cells don't go away - thy just grow and shrink. So, why would we want our children to be hindered so early? This is the important time for our children and their eating habits to be established. I just hope Landon keeps going to town on the veggies and fruit that he does now!

  5. that moment..I was thinking about N.C....but at every moment...I think about N.H. ;)

  6. Hi.

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  7. Bonnie,
    First of all I want you to know that I agree with you. I would never knowingly go against your wishes on how you choose to raise YOUR daughter. With that being said, I again apologize for what happened at the in-laws house. I had no idea what your wishes were. I meant absolutely nothing by offering the frosting to Lydia.
    Both of my children were breastfed, also, but because I had to return to work, we had to change their diets.
    Again, please accept my apology.

  8. I am all for breastfeeding for as long as the mother can do so, however, as a person from the 70's we were told different from the generation before us. I caught my husband's mother feeding my daughter partially cooked eggs at about 6 months old. I started my daughter on solid food sooner than most because I was unable to provide enough milk and she needed more nourishment that I could produce. As you become more adept at motherhood and less doubtful in your abilities, (say with your second child as we seem to become more relaxed with them than with the first child) you will decide what needs to be changed and what to continue doing. We used to let our children sleep on their tummies and it is amazing at the number of them that survived. Now, it is unheard of. We learn as we go. Isn't that the purpose of this blog? To learn and ask questions from those already beent here? Thank you for sharing your trials and joys. Your daughter is truly a beautiful child. WOW!! Way to go mom and dad!!