August 10, 2008

Quick Catholic Rant

I hate tambourines at Mass! Seriously!

And while I'm at it, I also have a strong disliking for:
- using pop Christian songs in place of the responsorial psalm.
- choir members who refuse to sing the Latin because they "don't know Latin", even though they know that "miserere nobis" means "have mercy on us".
- Fr. Feelgoods who personalize and change the words to the Liturgy of the Eucharist and Gospel readings.
- drums at Mass (just ask me about my experience at a Newman Center in MO.)
- overhead projectors at Mass (it's so undignified).


  1. Oh, my...I was cringing a little bit at that flurry of tambourines today, too!

  2. Oh, it's just gross. And I REALLY hate drums at Mass. At the end of a TEC mass once the drumming went on FOREVER and I just kept my head down and refused to acknowledge it...

  3. All of this sounds familiar...
    Is it too much to ask that everyone be as orthodox as we are?

  4. I feel you. My church, which is Mennonite, changed from the old-style to evangelical. Ugh. I liked the old traditions. If my great-grandparents saw the church today, they'd be disappointed.