October 9, 2008

Autumn Pictures

I love the Fall, and so to celebrate my favorite season I thought I'd put up some pictures of what L and I have been doing to mark autumn.
L and I went for a good walk at Lake Eureka park the other day. She had fun.

At Tanner's Orchard.

Halloween Tree = story. I was a bridesmaid in my friend, Margaret's wedding. After the rehearsal dinner I crashed at her parents' house and could not keep my eyes off this tree. Everyone would be chatting about the wedding and honeymoon and in a moment of silence I would say something like, "How much do you think it weighs?" as I'd reach down and pick it up. Margaret's mom teased me about stealing it, and the next day, after the wedding I did hide it behind the sofa.
When I got married 2 months later, Margaret's parents gave it to me. I should now point out that Margaret's mom had waited 2 years to buy this tree, loved it and then gave it away! I was floored!
This ghost with jack-o-lantern was a bunco gift that my mom won years and years ago. I have always loved it and the way it marked the beginning of fall throughout my childhood. Last time I was at my parents' house I told my mom that a) I wanted it when she died and b) if some day she came home and it was missing, she would know where it was. And then she gave it to me!

And this is just a really super cute picture of my 5 month old baby girl.


  1. wow, five months! where has the time gone? at our house we are big fans of the pic with lydia sticking out her tongue. too cute.

    you seem to have a gift for getting people to give you their awesome decorations! that tree is really cool.

  2. The pumpkins are as big as she is! Too cute!

  3. Your pictures are really great! I love knowing that the tree has gone to a house that will have it and appreciate it for many Halloweens to come!