October 20, 2008

Not to seem really greedy...

but I put a little Christmas list for L on the side of the blog. Grandparents read this blog and that list is for you!

Just to fill in some details:
- Wooden blocks would be great, along with other wooden toys.
- bumGenius has some new colors in their pocket diapers and we're big fans of them. They can be ordered online from a lot of places, however, there's a store in B/N called Pinstripes & Polkadots. You can go there, call or order online. Even if you just buy ONE you'll be helping us out so much!
- Baby Legs are adorable leg warmers. They make diaper changing much, much easier and are what we use in place of tights since baby tights don't fit over cloth diapers and Travis hates them.
- Children's books: The Hungry Caterpillar, Where the Wild Things Are, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (and it's sister books), From Head to Toe, We're Going on a Bear Hunt... these are all good. :) Board books are good but not necessary. We also LOVE Sandra Boynton.
- Clothes: warm clothes to get her through the winter and spring would be lovely.


  1. We love Sandra Boynton too! She has Mom organizers and calendars...I asked for those myself!

    Avery has a pair of BabyLegs. She's one cool chica now. :)

  2. Good book choices. :)

    I love the picture on the Baby Legs website of the dad wearing them on his arms, ha! I realize their for your arms too but I was quite amused by that image. ;)

  3. I've learned the hard way that asking is the way to go! Otherwise you get some ugly clothes and stupid toys. :)