October 20, 2008

Quick Thoughts

1 - L is super close to crawling. Right now she gets on all four, rocks, moves in circles and scootches backwards.

2 - We turned on the heat. It was just too cold for the baby (though I'm not complaining!). First, though, Trav had to hook up a few more vents. Last winter we had just 2 vents: one in the bedroom and one in the dining room. We were cold, but our bills were low.

3 - WIU had its Homecoming this past weekend. We headed back to Macomb but we didn't go to the game. We did tailgating with the Newman Center and then came home. It was really good to see old friends, though. And L was a hit. ;)

4- I completely forgot about my friend's daughter's first birthday party. Dang it.

5 - My daughter no longer sleeps through the night and it drives me crazy!!!!!!!!!

6 - This week is Eureka's Homecoming and for the first time ever I plan on going to the parade and football game.

7 - L has a tiger costume and we'll be trick or treating for Unicef this year. We have 3 reasons for doing this: a- show off our cute daughter, b - raise money for a good cause, c - hopefully score some candy for ourselves.

1 comment:

  1. Hey, did your husband go to WIU? That's over in my neck of the woods! I only live about an hour or so away from there.