November 3, 2008

Okay, I'm sure you're tired of politics, too...

But my mom pointed out an article in Saturday's Peoria Journal Star where they endorsed Aaron Schock even though they basically think Sheldon Shafer is the best candidate. So I checked out Mr. Shafer's website this morning and actually, I think the PJS is right. So one day before the election I'm switching my vote from Schock to Shafer.

I don't consider myself aligned with any party, though, my belief in a smaller federal government makes me more of a republican, along with the way that republicans have always stood on the same side when it comes to my beliefs on marriage and abortion. However, they tend to miss the mark when it comes to the death penalty, environment, immigration and fair trade. That's why I was impressed with Shafer. If you live in the Illinois 18th (counties around Peoria, Pekin, Lacon, Morton, Lincoln and Jacksonville) please take a minute and check him out. He seems to be a good pick, especially if you're not a republican and not impressed with Callahan.


  1. Thanks for this perspective. I had never even heard of him before now, and he meets my criteria better than Schock. I'm going to forward this article for a few people.

  2. That's great! I'm with Sheldon Schafer's campaign and I saw your post. We hope you'll pass this news on to family and friends (as it seems you already have!). Sheldon Schafer will bring real change to Washington.

    Please visit us on Facebook! (Group: Sheldon Schafer for Congress)

    Also, here's someone else who normally votes republican but has decided to vote for Sheldon Schafer:

    Thanks for your support!!