November 29, 2008

Recap and my cute baby

Thanksgiving was great. We watched movies all day Thursday while Trav graded papers, I did laundry and cleaned the kitchen and we took turns taking care of L. We had dinner at my parents' house. It was a lot of fun and a wonderful break for me since L was always being held by someone, which means she was always happy.

Black Friday Trav left very early in the morning to go shopping. He hated the experience, about which I only feel partially bad. He was shopping for me, so I feel bad about that, but then he went out for breakfast with his mom. I always feel like weekends and holidays should be breaks for me, too, so when I'm stuck with a crying baby who refuses to take her nap I get annoyed that he's sitting around enjoying himself (although the service was bad and their food was cold).

We then headed to Trav's hometown for a feast. There was so much food left over, it was almost scandalous.

L is now crawling very well. She can sit up from a crawl (sorta) and she can pull herself up. Here's some footage from this morning. She gets kinda camera shy and doesn't perform well, but you'll get the point. The first video may not seem like much, but watch it to the end - she's so cute!


  1. Bonnie,
    I think you are a wonderful mother! Lydia is doing so well.

  2. oh my gosh, you always say what i think bonnie....i totally know what you mean about getting a 'break' when dad is home or its 'vacation time.' it really can get frustrating sometimes when i wait all day for ryan to get home to give me a break and then he has something to do or some place to go. ugh