December 11, 2008

Can you come out and play?

About a week ago I met a woman at a Catholic Moms' Group; I'll call her M. I was really struck by M, her humor, story-telling and the way she carried herself. I asked for her number (feeling like a creepy guy at a bar), we ran into each other at KMart, we found each other's blogs and Facebook pages and today L and I went to her house to drink yummy chai tea and hang out with her and her twin 4 year old girls.

It was a lot of fun and not as awkward as one might think. (at least it wasn't for me! Maybe the whole time she was hoping we would leave! I hope not.) I hope we can spend more time together after the holidays and get to know each other better. (I feel like such a dorky loser saying all this.)

The truth is, I crave companionship with other Catholic, stay at home moms. I am very fortunate to have a good friend nearby who is a sahm and a lot of fun to be around. And I have a very good friend who is single and a great Catholic woman. The friendships of these two women are priceless in my life, and they are wonderful, astounding ladies. But I have been craving an all-in-one friend, and unless the one friend converts (which I don't think she'll do) or the other gets married and pregnant soon (no pressure) I'm not gonna get it. That's why I asked for M's phone number and recently bribed a another Catholic, mostly-sahm friend in B/N with lots of free food. I want you in my life! To swap stories and ideas about how to raise kids in the Church; to share the joys and frustrations of NFP with someone who completely understands; to have a mom fraternally correct me.

Oh Mother Mary, pray for me!


  1. I can totally relate, Bonnie. While I have been blessed with many great Catholic moms in my parish, I totally feel like "a dorky loser" whenever I ask to hang out with them. It makes me sooo self-conscious. It's silly really. They're all great women.
    I'm glad that you've found a mom to visit with. You are right. There is just something great about being with other moms who are like-minded in the faith. I hope that you are able to become great friends.

  2. yes...lots of yummy delicious,helped me get through the up till 5am nights food..... :)...and now that im done, we have more time for friends,which is great! so, maybe one morning (afternoons work too if people come to my house, :) because i just dont want to mess with lucys afternoon naps). so, any morning before noon would work for us. any of those work for you? :)

    and, i love the title of this post,because that is EXACTLY what i feel like sometimes! like a little girl begging for friends! now, i feel like I have that now from epiphany, but i still need more friends. :)

    anyways,just let me know what day workd best for you two next week and where you want to meet (we can come to you or you can come here-im totally open). oh, and i still have to put the pics of up bridget and lydia, because they are so stinking cute! actually, i think im going to wait a few days and make a post all about our friends, since we're going to see elie gesterling in a few days! :-D

  3. well,molly put it in much better words then me,but yes,i feel like a little girl who thinks she's a 'loser' to go and ask for someone to be her friend. :)

    and that is why a millionaire needs to buy us a whole neighborhood to have all the newman families live in as losers together. :)

  4. Thanks for your empathy. V, I think part of the problem for me is that our parish doesn't really have a lot of moms like me - you are so blessed to have your parish.

    Also, V, any morning but Wednesday next week would work for us. It would be great to have you over. We can cap it off with lunch and then you can leave when you need to be home in time for naps, sound good?