December 30, 2008

How we spent the past two years:

We got married.

I climbed some English walls.

Trav waded through some Scottish waters.
I got pregnant. (Peter)

We went to some movies and, overall, had a lot of fun.
We bought a house.
I got pregnant again. (L)
We remodeled the house, which we're actually still doing.
I gave birth.
I learned how to can.
Travis became a Grey Ghost.
We had our first Christmas with a 7 month old.
It was a good two years. I love you, Travis. Thank you for asking me to be your wife!
Happy Anniversary!


  1. Congrats you two! What a great couple you are!

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! I would have called, but it was later when I remembered, and didn't want to bother you.