December 8, 2008

PS I cried through the whole thing

Netflix offers are perfect example of how Travis and I sometimes differ in taste: last two movies we got were Rambo and PS I Love You. You can probably guess which one was mine. PS I Love You was a pretty good movie. We both laughed a lot while watching it (yes, Travis did watch it, but only after I told him that Gerard Butler was King Leonitis in 300.) but I also cried through the whole thing. I would be laughing and crying at the same time. Why? Because, as I told Travis while he laughed at me, there is nothing worse I can think of than losing my husband early in life. Just the hint of the thought made me bawl.

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  1. You're not the only one... my friend recommended this movie to me but told me to have the tissues handy because I would be crying during the whole thing. I was starting to think she was full of it since I was dry eyed for the first 5 minutes... and then it hit me and I could barely see the movie though my tears I was crying SO hard until the very end! And then another married friend just watched it and the same thing happened to her! We must really love our husbands. :)

    It's one I wouldn't be able to watch again though, I hate crying like that! Although Jeffrey Dean Morgan IS fun to look at...