December 30, 2008

The Other Side of the Glass II

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  1. wow...ive got a lot of feelings after that. first, i feel so incredibly thankful that we weren't treated like some of those families who had hospital births. i understand how home birth is so important to them after going through those nurses and doctors. but,i also feel like the film is a bit too negative towards hospital births,doctors,and nurses. not all of them are like that. but, maybe i am just being biased because i really love my doctor and hospital staff so much. and, since we had closely spaced babies, a lot of nurses were very familiar with us - at our new house, our next door neighbor is actually one of our nurses that we had for both girls! anyways, i am in no way am meaning to say anything negative about homebirth, but i just wish that other 'homebirthers' were as open as you to accepting that birth is such a unique and personal experience for every mother, father and even every child. i think they should be open to the fact that hospital births can be a wonderful experience for some people. i mean, i feel like we are on opposite ends of the spectrum with parenting, because i really love birthing in my hospital and love my epidurals, but yet we have many attachment parenting tendencies, the number one being breastfeeding until both parents and child want to stop. now, i dont think that means i'm going to nurse until my children are 4, but lucy stopped at 14 months and i'm confident that bridget will go longer, because she wants to nurse all the time and is much more attached then lucy was.

    i am also very thankful that you have vocalized that homebirth is for you but not for all (like me :) ).

    ps- are you up to anything next week?