December 15, 2008

Updates on the Dump

The entertainment center and Travis' old computer desk (which had been sitting in the dining room serving no purpose but to look shabby) were recently swapped. This takes our games and my stereo, records and CDs and puts them in an area of our house where L does not play. She had formed a tendency to beat on the glass door of the entertainment center, pull out my CDs and records. Not good.
The old computer desk no houses some misc. books and the tv. You can't really see it because it's black and kinda blends into the tree. We also moved the bookshelf, which I think looks really nice in its new home.
I also finally bought my own curtains and I love them! Martha Stewart from KMart. They are striped with blue, yellow cream, white and a tanish gold. They are perfect.
Travis lowered the kitchen window for me (a couple months ago) and I love it. He also hung another cabinet. I've rearranged my cupboards (now that there's no more mice) and I am one happy cook.

The old stairs were really steep, dark and creepy. These are lovely and will be even better when the railings are put in. And while MVV is living upstairs they are a great place to store things. Like diaper bags and drills.


  1. You have such a cute house! Keep up the good work!

  2. the kitchen is so new and big! im jealous! cant wait to see it in person!