January 23, 2009

Baby Nightmares

Could it be possible my daughter is having nightmares or even night terrors? We don't think she's currently teething nor does she have any kind of sickness. But, she'll often wake up several times throughout the night crying. Sometimes screaming. And she sounds scared.

My mom was told by a friend that her (friend's) grandson would do the same thing and when he had a large enough vocabulary he would tell his comforting mother, "I scary."

What do you think?


  1. Could be. I've wondered this about Hannah, too. There seems to be nothing outwardly wrong, but she just needs comfort and security. The screaming is particularly disturbing. I don't know when dreams start happening, though, so I've just been guessing about this.

  2. Oh definitely, Jonah has often done this and sometimes we just never know what's the matter... although it could still be teeth and they may just not be noticeable for awhile.

  3. Absolutely. Both of mine occasionally did this at a young age like yours and you can tell it's not a normal cry. They're scared to death. Usually a quick snuggle fixes everything, though.