January 8, 2009

Thank You & the IncrediBaby

First, thanks for the friends who have offered words of encouragement throughout all the difficulties. But Veronica, when would I have time to write a book? And what would I call it, The Complaining Thoughts and Ramblings of a New Mom? I'm not sure people would buy this book. Usually books about motherhood offer some kind of hope and wisdom and they are written by women who appear to be a lot holier than I am. :) Thank you, though, V. Maybe, just maybe, I will.

Also, IncrediBaby update:
L has 3 new teeth that have broken through (the left canine and two front teeth) with the right canine about to come through as well. We are hopeful this will mean some more sleep at night.

Although it might not since IncrediBaby is also a lot closer to walking than I really want her to be. People, she's cruising! She's becoming better and faster at moving down the sofa, walking around the ottoman, and moving from one piece of furniture to the next.

Also, Travis swears she did her first sign - milk - when I wasn't home and he had just given her the last of the pumped supply. I think it might have been coincidence.


  1. Most likely not just a coincidence in the "milk" sign... we signed with many of our babies at the daycare and lots of them started signing before age one... also girls are faster in all ways then boys! Such a little smarty you have. :)

  2. Avery didn't walk until she was 15 months old! Go Lydia! Also, Avery knows so much sign it makes me feel stupid...she has 2 workers from the school for the Deaf in her classroom, and they're teaching the kids more than just the simple stuff! I had to ask our Deaf Ed. professor about one of them, and she said it was "Mommy." It's so crazy how kids learn this stuff.

  3. as for the time to write it, im not sure. :) but, mostly it could just be your blog posts from pregnancy and Lydia's first year of life (minus ones about food or house updates, although I personally love those :) ). And, yes, that title sounds great, or something of the sort. I have a book called 'confessions of a slacker mom,' and i bought it at a garage sale simply for the title. A title like that would be unique and eye catching. plus, i would be more likely to buy it because it describes the book exactly, instead of something like 'a catholic mom's first year of motherhood.' that book would be too holy for me. :) and your blog posts (and future book) offer hope for me, because I can now understand that I am not the only mom who has these types of thoughts and feelings while living out my vocation as catholic wife and mother. The hope comes in that it's not just me that's crazy. It's you too. :) and every other mom. because normally we're all too scared to admit that motherhood is not only joyful yet exhausting in every way possible. but, youre not. you can give other mothers that encouragement that even though we feel like we're failing most of the time, that we are doing what God wants us to do.

    so, until you write/compile a book, I will keep pushing for it. :)