February 12, 2009

actual conversation

"Do you have any names picked out?"

"Bennet if we have a boy."

"Oh, I like that name. That's good. What about for a girl?"

"Miriam for a girl."

"Do you have any other names?"


No, we do not have any other names. I've wanted to name a daughter Miriam for years; when I was in SF for my college internship I met a Miriam and asked her if she liked growing up with the name, if she was teased about it, etc. She reported that she loved it because it was different enough that there weren't 3 Miriams in her class but not different enough that other kids could easily tease her about it.

I chose the name because of the scene following the crossing of the Red Sea when Moses' sister, Miriam, leads the Israelites in praising God. It's also a form of Mary and my good friend took the name Sr. Miriam Caritas when she entered the Sisters of Life.


  1. I think they are great names!

  2. Miriam was one of our names for Bridget!! I love it!!

  3. We considered Miriam for this baby too. But both grandmas are Mary, and I thought it might sound too similar. But love the name! I like Bennett too. My dad grew up in a small town named Bennett, so I bet he likes the name too ;)

    How long did it take for you to come to your name conclusions? It's pretty much my favorite way to waste time. I have several tablet papers full of name combinations.

    It's going to be very hard for me to keep our names secret...

  4. Well I love it! You pick the best names!

  5. That is a name I have always loved. I once knew a six year old named Miriam who was wise beyond her years and the spirit oozed from her soul. Did I mention she was six? -molly