February 20, 2009

Name calling

Hmmmm.... did anyone notice how some of the comments on the previous post were from people who completely understood my point of view though they did not resort to the immature name calling that I did?

I noticed. Good for them and shame on me.

Let me try saying this all again. Madame Speaker of the House is a very public person and also very publicly portrays herself as a practicing Catholic. Now, clearly I am a moody, quick-tempered sinner (that list could be much longer but now's not the time). Yet when I proclaim myself to be Catholic all my views are in line with the Teachings of the Church. Even things that are difficult for me to understand or agree with - I submit to the Authority of the Church. When I receive the Holy Eucharist at Mass I pray to God that I do not do so unworthily lest I heap condemnation upon my head. (1 Cor 11:27)

Ms. Pelosi receives Communion all the while misrepresenting the Teachings of the Church, something that is frustrating and even painful to see. She also, as one commenter stated, "ignores the elephant in the room" and continues to portray herself as a good Catholic even though the Holy Father himself has offered fraternal correction. This is also frustrating and even maddening to see.

I don't expect noncatholics to understand my feelings towards her on this subject. But I do hope you can understand that when one is Catholic they are supposed to live in accord to the Teachings of the Church, if you don't then you really should stop receiving Holy Communion and stop publicly portraying yourself as a Catholic. I'm not trying to kick her out of the Church, I just want her to listen to what the bishops have to say and keep her mouth shut in the meantime.


  1. very well put Bonnie. :) We just have to pray more and hope that somehow she will recognize all knowledge and wisdom that God has already given to her (through the Pope himself for goodness sake!) I mean, HE'S THE POPE!! I just don't understand how Nancy doesnt get that??....

  2. Thanks for clarifying, Bonnie.
    I TOTALLY appreciate your frustration more now with the background of her proclamation of being a Catholic.

    Although none of us are perfect or live in ordinance with the biblical teachings of our specific theologies, I understand that this area is such a public one more easily visible than the areas which we all fail.

    My prayer for you and Veronica and other Catholics who comment on this page is not for Nancy but instead of us, that we simply obey what God has called us to do and to love others despite their beliefs or how we fear they represent God or The Church as a body. God isn't threatened, but instead forgiving and loving and using all things.

    Thanks for this post. It's good to understand things from your point of view.