March 29, 2009

I'm an easily impressed down-stater

This picture was taken at a bridal shower I went to recently in Chicago's south suburbs. It was fancier than my wedding. There were 60+ women seated at round tables, a huge table for presents (still wasn't big enough) and then the head table where the bridal party sat. It was incredible.

I am very excited about this wedding; Nick and Mia are tying the knot and I am so thrilled for them. But I'm also nervous. The only other suburb wedding I've been to was so extravagant I felt like I was in a bridal magazine photo shoot. This one will be very similar, only this time I'm a bridesmaid. I know Mia will not care one lick, but I just keep thinking about how the bridesmaid dress is not going to fit my 26 week pregnant body that well. With all the money she's going to be spending on pictures I'd really like to look good in them for her! eek. I would at least feel better if they offered maternity versions of their dresses. I had to buy a dress 3 sizes bigger than what I was fitted for, which is a great way to make a woman feel gorgeous.


  1. are going to look gorgeous..and you are right though, they should offer maternitu dresses. I am really sorry about that. I know some places do that, but apparently not good old David's Bridal...hmpff! And don't worry about the "Suburb wedding" will be a blast, and I am so happy that you and Travis will be a part of it!! Love you..thanks for the post darling =)

  2. Oh and really...not all suburb people do bridal showers like that..that kind of shower is more like an "Italian" thing..I've been to showers like these all the time on my Italian side of the fam..not so much on the other side ;)

  3. My wonderful Bonnie,

    Don't worry so much about the suburb weddings. Your wedding was pretty fancy if I do say so myself! ;-) You will look beautiful. All you need is a good tailor and the dress will look like it was maid to be a maternity dress. Those types of alterations I never do myself. Even my mom who has made me dresses my whole life takes my dresses to a tailor for important events for this kind of thing. Don't stress. As much as I would like to think people will be focusing on me, we are just Mia's papering, dress holding while she pees, veil fluffing fan club. :)

    It is true, some suburb weddings are a little out there, but not all. Don't let them scare you off. Remember, no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

    Love you.