March 10, 2009

Wedding season begins for the Engstrom family a week from Saturday. We then have a wedding in May, June, July and September. As much as I am looking forward to attending these holy days to celebrate the marriages of friends and family, I am not looking forward to trying to look pretty as I get bigger and Bigger and BIGGER. Right now, at 15 weeks, I look as big as when I was 26 weeks pregnant with L. Of course the reason for this is not twins but fat. How lovely. Really, when you're embarrassed about the shape your body is in (in my case very round) it just feels like a joke to put on a dress and make-up.

I know that I have gained very little weight in the pregnancy so far, which is an improvement from last time, I just hope that continues for the next 25 weeks. Here we go.

Oh - and this is not a cheap attempt at compliments, so don't feel like you have to leave one. It's just a bit of a glimpse into my attitude.


  1. I hear what you're saying, Bonnie. I'm at 20 weeks and am (if my memory serves me correctly) a good deal bigger than I was the first time around. I didn't gain any weight until the last few weeks, though, and now I've put on six pounds in no time flat. I looke way bigger than an extra six pounds, though.

    I'm looking for dresses online for Sarah's wedding in June. A couple of thoughts for myself - it's going to be blazing hot in the desert in June and it's an outdoor wedding; I need cleavage coverage; I would prefer leg coverage as well. I'm leaning toward those maxi maternity dresses with maybe a tank top underneath to provide modesty up on top. I can't decide if a maxi dress will look good, though, or if it will simply look like I've wrapped myself up in a large tent. :-)

  2. I don't know if this will make you feel any better, it really hasn't helped me, but people keep telling me that you show a lot sooner with your second child than you did your first. I am at only 7 weeks and already look like I did when I was starting my 2nd trimester with Landon!

  3. It's true, you do show earlier with your second... and I started out a lot heavier than I did with Jonah so that didn't help anything. My saving grace was that I didn't gain very much weight with Noah.

  4. I've known a few people who've lost the rest of their baby weight from baby #1 after baby #2. Hopefully we'll be like that too.