April 15, 2009

to teach or not to teach

Travis and I just submitted the application to be NFP teachers for the Couple to Couple League in our Diocese. We're not 100% sure we're going to do it; I for one want to spend more time praying about it.

Reasons we should do it:
- there is a need in our Diocese for more teachers.
- we are firm believers in the goodness of NFP.
- to teach something you really need to know it, and we're excited to further study the theology and science behind natural family planning.
- we feel like we have some good experience; we used NFP to successfully delay and achieve pregnancy and we learned the valuable lesson that when you don't chart you get pregnant.
- it saddens us that our parishes are full of couples who contracept often times because they don't understand what NFP truly is nor the Church's teachings. If we can help change that we will.

Reasons we shouldn't do it:
- God has other things He wants us to do with our time.

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  1. Liz and her husband bobby teach sympto thermal here, one of the women in the third friday group, shes come to some bible studies - youd recognize her. she'll be at moms night out tomorrow. :)