June 17, 2009

adorable babble

My baby girl is learning language really quickly. Signs: change (as in change my diaper), water, milk, more, eat, book, tickle, and she makes it quite clear when she wants to go outside. :) Spoken words: daddy, hi, wow, whoa, tickle, water, yummy, dog, and her latest word that I love the most - mommy!

I should probably state the disclaimer that she is not consistent with her signing but there's a good enough foundation that communication is A LOT easier! I'm so glad we're signing. Thank you, Baby Einstien video!


  1. Watching your child sign is so fun! We're lucky in the fact that half of Avery's teachers know how to sign and she loves to do it. The only problem: she knows way more than me! Maybe I should watch Baby Einstein?

  2. So fun, isn't it??? Aiden's learning new words everyday! She says "mama" like she's italian. It's hilarious.

  3. she is so freaking adorable.
    signing is so cool and such a great idea. i wish i had done it with my guys.