June 28, 2009

trying to learn about "ObamaCare"

That's what I've been doing lately - trying to listen to both sides of the argument when it comes to the federal government's national health care plan. There are some obvious benefits to such a plan, and it is clear that changes need to be made so health care can be available to people who have no benefits or no job.

On the other side, I do worry what the plan might just end up looking like. For example, I hate that my tax money pays for abortions in Mexico and I'll be intensely ticked off if I have to pay for even more abortions in the US under President Obama's health care.

Kate Wicker, the wife of a doctor-in-training, had some interesting points to add in her post here. At this point her concerns seem legitimate, though we won't know until we really see the plan, I suppose.

I'm wondering, do any of you out there have any other good sites I could read to do more research? I know I have "conservative" and "liberal" readers and I honestly would like to get both sides' views and understandings of the situation. However, please keep in mind that any comments shouldn't attack someone else's thoughts, but all comments should be left in a spirit of charity.

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  1. Did you go to Barack's website? That might be a starting point, then you can check some of the higher-ranking Republicans' websites because they'll have other sites with info.