June 16, 2009

What we've been doing lately

This is what the house looked like when we bought it.
Travis and a friend ripping off the porch.
My dad ripping off more of the porch and working on the roof. The porch will now be open.

The changes seen here, from the first pic are: open porch, two windows instead of three in the front, electric wiring no longer runs to the front of the house but is underground on the side, roof on the right is now pitched (it was flat starting around the top 2x4) and the dormer now has a pitched roof instead of being a flat sloop.
Working on the back. This dormer was also fixed. You can also see on the side where the top of the roof was flat. Eventually this back door and porch will be taken off.

The following are just cute pictures of L. :)


  1. oh my gosh! you are going to have the BEST house out of anyone you know! It is goegeous what you are doing to it!!!

  2. That's so exciting, Bonnie. It looks great! Isn't it nice having a husband who is capable of doing all of that so you don't have to hire it all out!?!

  3. the outside is looking so fantastic all of a sudden! i love the porch and the dormer (is that the right word?) beautiful.

    also, cute little boy there.

    oh! when we went to the er, we waited FOREVER and one of my attempts to entertain him involved blowing up a latex glove and making a turkey. he named his turkey baby lydia. :-)