July 1, 2009

a little bit of propaganda

"...the Roman Catholic hierarchy would rather women die of AIDS, and they and their children die of hunger, rather than a sexual partner use condoms or themselves use artificial methods of birth control or be able to attain a safe, legal abortion." from the Daily Kos

Wow, talk about a complete misunderstanding of Catholic teaching! This is so incredibly wrong that I actually laughed when I first read it. I'm not sure where the author of the article is getting his information, but sadly someone is lying to him. He also seems one part jaded with a tint of conspiracy theorist, but I'd say that overwhelmingly we (pro-lifers and orthodox Catholics) have done a poor job of practicing what we preach and explaining what we believe.

*If you read the whole article you should read the comments, too. It is anti-catholic propaganda at its best. Seriously, I hope I never sound as ignorant as some of those people.


  1. Wow. I couldn't even make it through the comments.....but I wanted to comment here and say that from the outside (as a non-Catholic) it is easy to see the Catholics from this perspective. It is rare to find a practicing Catholic who actually believes the church's theology and puts it into practice. (For example, I know 2.) Also, it seems that a lot of our generation grew up in a Catholic church and were very hurt by the church so when I read those comments I wonder if the person felt rejected by the Catholic church. I mean, honestly, even I have felt rejected at times by Catholics...and I'm a christian. With different theology, yes, but the same Savior.
    But I can understand fully how this makes you feel. Once in college, John saw a box truck that a church had purchased, paint and written slogans across such as "Abortion is murder.", "God hates baby killers" ect....They church then drove it around town with a speaker system telling people they were going to hell. That day John decided he would never be a christian because he refused to be associated with that. And I reminded him that I don't go around with a box truck, screaming at people, but the damage was done. Those assholes were working against everything I was doing to show my brother God loved him and the church had merit. Thankfully, we can see that God and the church are two very different entities, one perfect and one entirely flawed. But it's hard to be grouped into a category with someone like that. I am sure misconceptions about the Catholic church hurt you in a similar way and work against all you are trying to be. So, let me end by saying that although that might have been similar to my opinion to the Catholic church, I know you and what you stand for and how you live which has caused me to see the Catholic church is a new and beautiful light.

  2. Even though I believe the Catholic Church holds the Truth, I will never speak of other religions the way those people did.