July 25, 2009

Birthday thoughts

1 - I haven't been this excited about a birthday in awhile. I don't know why - nothing extra special is happening and I'm one year closer to 30.

2 - Am I the only mother who feels bad for her mother on my birthday? It's like, now that I know how horrible it all is - I'm so sorry you had to go through that! (but thank you!!!)

3 - L is going to my mother-in-law's today and she's staying until Monday morning. I feel a little guilty that I'm so looking forward to being kid-free on my birthday weekend.

4 - I will be at Barnes & Noble from 1-4 today. It's like my own little Open House, but I don't have to cook or clean anything! If you'd like to stop by and say Hi I'd love to see you. If you have better things to do, that's fine, because I LOVE ordering a scone and iced chia and looking at cookbooks and magazines. You see - a total win-win situation! :)


  1. I wasn't excited about turning 28 either. Or 27... or 26 for that matter!

    You're lucky to get days away from your children, don't feel guilty! I've never been away from Jonah except for when I was in the hospital having Noah!!!

    Wish I could join you at your open house, sounds lovely :) Have a wonderful day!

  2. Happy birthday beautiful!!! I sooo wish I could go to barnes and nobles with you... nothing sounds better than some iced chai, a scone, and some quality time with you. Love!!!

  3. Bonnie,

    Happy Birthday. I would have loved to come but was at a wedding today. I hope you had a good time and found some delicious recipes.

  4. Bonnie!! I am so glad that you are so looking forward to your birthday! You know that I love my birthday, so I am glad to know you are so happy about yours. I wish I could have visited you this weekend, but we were out of town and I am sick as a dog. Anyway, I hope your birthday weekend was wonderful! And, never feel bad about taking some time away from Lydia. Mom has been watching Landon for me a couple days a week this summer since I am tired and pregnant and crabby. The time away from eahother makes us both happier when we are around eachother again. We all need our breaks! Love to you and your wonderful family!