July 10, 2009

Happily Ever After...

I know that 2 & 1/2 years is not "ever after" and that there are many tough times ahead, but I can't help but think of that expression, one I used to roll my eyes at, and feel that it truly does apply to my marriage.

Last night, as Travis and I lay in bed, we talked about all the struggles and issues we had during our engagement. In fact, I had some fear that he would call everything off. Thankfully, we were always praying during that time and every time we were attacked with worry or doubt we would take it to Adoration. In the quiet of the chapel, looking face to face with Christ, we always came back to peace and the firm knowledge that we were supposed to get married, and we were supposed to do it on Dec 30. Simply put, we knew what God's will was for our lives, we just had to choose to follow.

In a sense we had an arranged marriage (God the Father was our "Yente") but fortunately for us we also loved and were in love with each other. All that being said, it can still be hard not to feel vulnerable when you step out in faith and date for 6 weeks and then are engaged for 6 months... (I mean, I'm just saying...) And the first 3 months of our marriage were pretty hard at times. In fact, all but one of the biggest fights of our marriage came during that time.

And then we did this great, amazing thing: we went on our honeymoon. Scotland was the best thing we could have done for our marriage. We shared an adventure and with it many laughs, and we came home as best friends.

Our lives are filled with stress: a fixer-upper house, paycheck-to-paycheck living, bills, older cars, an unplanned pregnancy, one bedroom, no cable... but I trust in my husband and our relationship. I know that he'll take care of me and our family, and that we can relax and recharge with our friendship. I am so happily married.

I just feel bad for all the rest of you, because I got the best there is. ;)

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