July 29, 2009

my latest dream

A couple of nights ago I dreamt that I was at a conference; the Holy Father was also in attendance. There was a bit of a lull in the day and I was hanging out in the lobby. His Holiness was in the corner dozing off. A little bit later I was sitting at a table with vestments and B16 came over to vest for Mass. He pulled out a stoll and I asked,
"Isn't that the stoll the Obamas gave you?"
"Yes, it is."
"Do you like it?"
As he shrugged his shoulders he replied, "meh."

Come on; that's funny!


  1. love it! God thing PB16 is so much humbler and kind then us. :)

  2. I love that you think the Pope would say "Meh."

  3. I am sitting at work right now laughing so hard that I probably look like I am a little off my rocker. (Which I might be) I hope you continue to have these crazy dreams even after you have the baby!

  4. Love your dream! It made me laugh. But, my last pregancy dream was wayyy cooler. I went on tour with The Jonas Brothers! Ok, so totally not cool, but also kind of funny. But, I like to think of the Pope saying, 'meh.' and shrugging his shoulders!