September 24, 2009

more random blogging

Ben got full bath #2 - it went much better than the first. Soon after he was dressed we were snuggling on the sofa and he spit up an amazing amount which traveled down my nightgown and soaked the top half of my undies. So much for that sweet moment.

L spent the night at Grandma's so Ben and I could get things done. This includes a doctor's appointment.

I look at my son and I cannot believe how big he is. Granted he has gained weight and is over 11 lbs now, but when I look at his arms I am amazed I gave birth to him. Even his forearms are huge.

I have been reminded recently about how much I don't really enjoy the newborn stage. As much as I want more children, I really don't want any more babies. Every time I think of me as a mom I always picture myself with kids between the ages of 14 and 4. This is very telling, I think, and I should probably pray about it. I'm wondering if I'm called to adopting older kids. Hmmm....

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