October 23, 2009

I know, I know

My amazing children:

Ben is no longer a newborn - he is now 7 weeks old, weighs 13lbs and is in size 2 diapers. L, at almost 18months, weights 26lbs and is in a size 3 diaper.

Ben has smiled and it's a very handsome smile indeed.

He continues to sleep very well at night, though his napping has become less great.

When I am mad I say "Damn it." When I am very mad I usually roar "This f***ing sucks!" L has learned the first, I am so ashamed to admit. Thankfully I am not furious everyday (maybe once a week) and so she hasn't learned the latter expression. Believe me, I've talked about the anger and foul language with my spiritual director and have confessed it many, many times. I'm working on them.

The only good that I can find in my daughter's swearing is that she uses the phrase at the appropriate time, such as when she can't get her shoe on or has just fallen off the ottoman. I try to correct her to say "Darn it" but inside I'm amazed at how smart she is.

And lastly, L has a baby doll that she takes care of when I'm taking care of Ben. She puts it on the potty, changes its diaper, gives it a bottle and carries it around. However, what I especially love is that she will hold it to her chest and say "nurse" or hold the doll at her shoulder and say, "I know, I know" while patting its back. She has even put the nail clippers to its toenails. She is so cute and so smart!

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