October 13, 2009

this is blog worthy

Today I went grocery shopping with my two kids. Just. the. three. of. us. And no one cried. That alone is worthy of a victory chant.

Today I also went to spiritual direction for the first time since Ben's birth. I had a good confession, compared the Virgin Mary to the mother of the 4 week old who's wearing her pre-pregnancy jeans, and was affirmed in my thought that circ* is not against the teaching of the Catholic Church, despite what various people tried to convince me of.

I also made my husband incredibly happy by saying I wanted homemade pizza for supper.

Tomorrow I'm off to LLL where I hope to find out that Ben and I do not have thrush. Fingers crossed.

PS Happy Birthday Doug and Stephani! And Happy Anniversary! Love to you both. :)

* edited June 2010 due to my discomfort in the large number of people who find my blog by googling a certain Jewish tradition for baby boys.  Most of these people come from sources I am uncomfortable with.


  1. Burn! I am so happy that you had such a fabulous day. Can´t wait to come home and see you and your beautiful babies! Loves!

  2. who is your spiritual director? I'm looking for one

  3. wow. going to the store by yourself is definitely blog worthy. i went to the doctor yesterday with ALL FOUR of my children and it actually went ok. I haven't tried the store yet, though - not even with the two little ones. i'm just not brave enough yet. Maybe next week?? You're a great Mama, Bonnie! Keep up the good work!