November 24, 2009

What have you done?

Friends left comments on this post telling me amazing things about themselves that I never knew. And now I want you to do the same. I'll even let you comment anonymously, although I'd prefer to know about YOU.

Did you graduate Summa Cum Laude?
Have you volunteered every Saturday for the past year?
Where you prom queen Senior year?
Are you fluent in Italian?

Brag about yourself a little bit because I want to know so I can be excited for the things you've accomplished.

I'll start. The summer after my Junior year at EC I had an internship at 826 Valencia, a nonprofit writing center & pirate supply store in San Francisco. Dave Eggers, who was my favorite author at the time, is the founder of 826 and I was able to work with him some while there. (Dave was nominated for the Pulitzer for his memoir A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius. He also founded a publishing company, McSweeney's and wrote the script for Where the Wild Things Are.) I was completely alone - not knowing anyone - but I went out on my own. I traveled the city, going to museums, plays, the opera, restaurants. I randomly met Tatjana, who is still a good friend even though she's a German living in South America. I helped kids become excited about reading and writing. I learned all kinds of things that helped me become the employee and mother I am today.

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  1. When i was at NIU majoring in art, I entered two of my pieces in a show at a gallery and they both got in. One of them placed and i won a measly $50 - BUT the experience was awesome. I feel so completely fulfilled and so completely MYSELF when I am creating. that time of my life when I was creating art and learning about art was awesome.