December 13, 2009

pictures of things that are new around our house

the house is lookin' good. almost 1/2 is sided. the new porch and steps were poured earlier this fall and the railings will come next.

L's new stocking, made by her Mormor. (That's Swedish for Grandma.)

St. Nicholas brought L a box of crayons and a pink case to keep them in. Also new is L's love for drawing "boo-ful" pictures.

New glasses and bangs for me.

New to us Advent wreath. It used to be Travis' grandparents and we inherited it at the end of last Christmas season. I added the greens and have Joseph and Mary hanging out there until Christmas Eve, when they will arrive at the manger.
Funny side story, last year I assembled an Advent wreath from 4 votive candles and some greens. Travis wanted to know where the white candle was. I had no idea what he was talking about - I'd never seen a white candle in an Advent wreath before. He insisted that a white candle was part of the deal and it burned throughout Christmas. Only after googling it did I believe him. And now our Advent wreath will forever have a white candle.

New curtains made by Mom from old bedsheets purchased at Goodwill and some blue fabric. Wash, sew, starch and waa-la!
Also new is this buffet. It was handmade from wood from a cherry tree that grew in my parents' yard. A friend of my mom's made it and it is absolutely gorgeous.

L's canines are in. This is the best I could do at getting a picture of them.


  1. Wow Bonnie, lot of exciting things going on in your life. I love the buffet (and places to put your wine). You are so fortunate to have motivated talented people in your life that make and fix up things!

  2. Love all the pictures. The house looks great. You both should be really proud. From previous posts in years past it sounds like poor Travis has half his body weight in sweat put into that house. :-)

  3. Looove the buffet. And the glasses -- I got new glasses too! But no one has said anything except my parents, and I think it's because they are too strange to compliment. Next time you see me make sure you tell me they look good ;)