January 28, 2010

my handy husband

In an effort to save money, last night my husband removed the five stitches in my back.  His tools?  Nose hair clippers, a sewing needle, and an utility knife. 

Are you jealous?

He has removed his own stitches before, or so he told me, qualifying himself to do the procedure on me.  I was more nervous about it than both my home births.


  1. Justin offered to get a spinter out of my finger with his pocket knife awhile back. Why do we let our husbands 'help' us like that!?!

  2. I had to read that a second time to make sure I wasn't fooling myself. Kudos to you for having so much faith and trust in your husband!


  3. Wow, that's pretty cool! (Not really cool that you had to have stitches, but you know what I mean.)

    Why can't my husband be handy? :)