January 18, 2010

Today, while watching today's episode of Oprah I was hugely convicted about using my phone while driving.  Travis and I do not text, but we both use our driving time as an opportunity to catch up on phone calls. 

I will never again talk on the phone while driving.  Never.

The stories I heard broke my heart and I cannot put myself, my children, my loved ones, you and your ones at risk.  I am remorseful for every time I used my phone while driving.  Never again.

If you are drunk at .08 blood alcohol level or are talking on the phone you are 4x more likely to get in a car accident.  (drunk driving and talking on the phone - even hands free - are the SAME risk factor!!!)

If you are texting and driving you are 8x more likely to get in an accident.

Check out Oprah's website to read the stories and learn more.  One thing that really made an impression on me was the diagram of what you see when on the phone and driving.  Check it out.


  1. Those diagrams were very interesting. And come to think about it, they were very true! I had to hang up the phone the other night while driving because I thought a red light was a stop sign..I stopped for a second and then started driving in the intersection. I had to stop and reverse. Thank God there were not many other cars around!
    Don't test F8, that text or call can W8.

  2. I really wanted to see that episode. I've stopped using my phone while I drive for a while now. It's so scary how people become so wrapped up in their conversations and become distracted. I even think Bluetooth should be banned...

  3. I saw the same episode. I hope this is life-changing for thousands of people. I, too, am guilty of talking on the phone while driving. I had no idea it was the equivalent of driving drunk. No more. Human lives are too valuable to put at risk over something so frivolous.